bertrand-cardis-dominique-dubois-carbomangroupe carbomanThe french company Multiplast SAS and the Swiss one Décision SA are bringing together their work force in a new group: Groupe Carboman SA. In october 2015 Plastinov and Plasteol joined the group.

With this partnership, this new industrial group, chaired by Dominique Dubois and specialising in the manufacture of composite parts, becomes the European leader in race boat building and the production of large industrial parts.

Carry out the most ambitious projects

This alliance is an obvious next step after several years of collaboration between the two companies, especially the MOD70 trimaran project and the next Volvo Ocean Race one-design boats.

Multiplast and Decision both started their business in the early '80s and share the same vision and values: An attention to the highest level of detail, embracing the newest technologies and forging meaningful, team spirit. The two companies made their names through a high level of expertise in manufacturing composite structures, the large number of winning race boats that have been produced in their boat yards, and their capacity to take up the most ambitious technical challenge.

Bertrand Cardis, Commercial manager of Groupe Carboman said: « By joining our design office teams and our human resources, and by combining the production capabilities available in Decision in Switzerland and Multiplast in France, Groupe Carboman can now offer a global answer to major contractors. »

The aim of the new group is to keep opening the business to the major players in a number of industry sectors, such as aerospace and communication, as well as the luxury goods industry. It also serves to confirm the business's position as a leader in the world of racing yachts.

Two America's Cup titles, five Jules Verne Trophies ...

The roll-call of winners associated with the company is unique: Two America's Cups, five Jules Verne Trophies, one Whitbread, one Volvo Ocean Race, one Imoca world championship, six Atlantic Crossing record, 16 Bol d'Or, one International C Class Catamaran Championship and many Atlantic crossing races.

Dominique Dubois, CEO of the new group, said: « Groupe Carboman has been established so as better to respond to the demands of our industrial customers. They want to have suppliers and sub-contractors that are stronger, more structured and capable of working with businesses worth several million Euros. Our intention is to build a European group which is a leader in the field of composites materials and we are already thinking about expanding to the U.K. Obviously, race boat construction remains at the heart of the group and will always stay a part of the activity, not least because it is a great source of development through the R&D work that it generates. »



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